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Welcome to the website of the London Midland Railway Club Association, better known as the LMRCA. We are a network of private member social clubs which operates in the area of England that was served by London Midland & Scottish Railway. The LMRCA clubs were originally part of British Rail Social Clubs (BRSA) and became an autonomous Association in 1993 when British Rail was privatised. For more information on our history please CLICK HERE We now welcome members of the public from all walks of life to join our Association and enjoy the warm hospitality of our clubs, participate in our sports and games and experience our rich, social fabric. To find your nearest LMRCA club please CLICK HERE

We are affiliated to the National Association of Recreational Clubs and our clubs welcome visitors from around the country.

The LMRCA website contains lots of helpful information for both clubs and members so please have a good look around. There is also a contact page so that you can contact us with any questions or suggestions.

Please note:- The Association no longer has any connection to the ex-railway club off Bolton Road, Small Heath, Bordesley.  The property was sold a number of years ago to a private individual for development. Any further information may be found via . 

Chris McAvoy, LMRCA Christine McAvoy
General Secretary

P.O. Box 228
L26 7ZN

Tel: 0151 487 0402